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21 – 23 September 2022
Nova Gorica

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This free workshop is intended for all students who wish to gain new expertise and explore new technologies together with selected high-tech companies with extensive experience and know-how in IoT.

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What they said past attendees

Andraž Filej

"Two weeks of unforgettable work, even though I kept sending new, ‘improved' Excel versions to my project manager during the first few days. I drank lots of water and spent countless hours playing with Lego." 

Julija Černe

"I'm truly grateful to have been able to be part of this project. It was an excellent opportunity for young people to learn something new and, on the other hand, show what we can do. The workshop was modern and well designed, and I hope others follow BS's example." 

Batolomej Kozorog

"Through the NTH workshop I was able, for the first time in my life, to gain hands-on experience in how to develop a technological project as a team. With the help of experienced mentors and lecturers, I acquired applied knowledge, skills and experience in computer science and entrepreneurship, which will come in handy in my further career." 

Jakob Drusany

"The NTH workshop gave me the chance to experience teamwork in R&D and see what my future profession looks like. On top of all the knowledge and skills I gained, I also had lots of fun." 

Aljaž Krpan

"We produced a ready-for-sale product from scratch in just ten days, which I think was pretty incredible. I think these workshops are an excellent starting point for anyone, in terms of both the work experience gained and the contacts made there." 

Miha Pahor

"Two weeks of focused work, which brought forward your leadership and teamwork skills and your ability to use your technical skills in practice, were an eye-opener for me. I realised that talent helps you start, but lots of hard work and commitment are needed if you want things to go smoothly and end in success." 

We want You!

Do you have experience of programming or online and mobile technologies, or do you enjoy doing research on particle acceleration, aviation and space technology, or all this in combination with smart city technology? Sign up for this unique workshop today because the number of places is limited. 

Do you accept the challenge?

Together with a team of selected talents and supported by experienced mentors you'll have to acquire and process data produced by the particle accelerator nicknamed Speedy Gonzales. 

You'll have to present the data acquired in a creative and interesting way in an online or mobile app tailored to a dummy customer called Gordon. 

Win a prize of EUR 1,500! 

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Experience and expertise of the best IT specialists

Mentorship is important not only because of the expertise and experience the participants gain, but also and primarily because of the opportunity to socialise in a professional work setting, which facilitates the entry into a new work environment. 

Erik Simonič


"I've been working in IT for twenty years now, and it keeps coming back to the fact that the key to success is sharing knowledge. This is the only way to improve our knowledge and work really homogeneously as a team. I'll be happy to give useful tips to the young talents and share the expertise I've gained in my career with them." 

Dean Podgornik


"While the young participants are getting to know and learning about the IT industry, I'll help them make their work run as smoothly as possible by giving them programming advice and sharing tricks with them, including the nerdiest ones. I know a good mentor is worth his weight in gold, so I'll do my best to help the participants learn as much from me as possible." 

Luka Bogataj


"I'm involved in the development of electronics in a company where every project presents us with new challenges. Consequently, we continuously acquire new expertise and learning is an important part of this. Because the problems I encounter as a developer are complex, this inevitably also requires teamwork." 

Aleš Vigali


"I'm a test engineer at Instrumentation Technologies. Every day I deal with rapid signal capture devices, which are primarily used in particle accelerators across the globe. In this, I use the knowledge of elementary-particle physics I acquired at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. I'm aware of the importance of transferring knowledge to younger generations, and I'll do my best to pass it on myself." 


Relax and enjoy the moment

At the workshop, you'll be able to use a compact electron beam position processor (Libera Spark ERXR), an RF signal generator and a model particle accelerator beam tube with sensors. Make sure to bring your own laptop, so you can be more efficient. If you don't have a laptop, we'll provide one for you.  

Accommodation will be provided near Nova Gorica. The costs of accommodation for participants without a permanent residence in Nova Gorica or nearby will be covered by Business Solutions and Instrumentation Technologies. 

You first have to sign up for the workshop by completing the online registration form correctly. Our mentors will examine the registration forms and inform you whether you've been selected to be among those invited to attend the Next Talent Hub workshop. 

Yes, but you must still first sign up individually using the online form. Then let us know which individuals would like to be on the same team by sending us an email at or We need the full names of everyone on the team. 

The workshop will take place at Business Solutions and Instrumentation Technologies in Solkan, so you can also experience the atmosphere at both companies. 

This high-tech company specialises in the development of high-performance and user-specific instruments for capturing and processing high-speed signals, and providing support in the journey from an innovative idea via a prototype to the manufacture of a certified product. A team of experts develops measurement instruments for cancer treatment, instruments for the space industry, electronics for the EV industry, measurement units for the renewable energy, and more. Instrumentation Technologies is a leading global supplier of control and measurement instruments on the particle accelerator market. Its team collaborates with high-tech companies and important institutes, such as NASA, FAIR, CERN, the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, and many more. For more information, go to:

Business Solutions is a high-tech company which promotes the development and innovative thinking of young people in IT. In over twenty years of operation, it has implemented more than five hundred unique business IT solutions. However, rich and extensive expertise is not its only key quality: it excels even more in its ability to listen to its customers' desires and needs, and to convert these into practical and effective solutions. Its clients and customers include prominent names, such as Krka, Dana, Elektro Gorenjska, MDM, AMZS, ComTrade, Adriaplin and Gostol.